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Free Workshop

Sannabis, a pioneer company in the comprehensive use of cannabis in Colombia, has been carrying out important social work with the indigenous communities of northern Cauca with the "Asociación Taller Libre" Foundation since its creation in 1999.

Labor social


Day of socialization of the Sannabis medical cannabis production model with mayors and representatives of the municipalities of Jambaló, Tacuelló, Miranda, Toribío, Corinto, Caloto, of the Universidad del Cauca and Agroinnova, year 2016


of gifts

In December 2015

the delivery of Christmas gifts was carried out

to the children of the shelter

TOEZ in the north of Cauca.

Donation of

sports equipment

In 2015, a sports day was held with the inhabitants of the TOEZ reservation, in the north of Cauca, which included the donation of t-shirts and sports equipment.

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