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About us

Sannabis® is the result of a life project that began in 1998 within a family nucleus with the creation of the foundation called Taller Libre. With this foundation, we sought to promote and innovate cultural patterns and even economic models that favored Colombian society. During this process, social problems appeared where the issue of "Cannabis" was involved, this led us to thoroughly investigate the benefits of this wonderful plant. From there, the research and study on cannabis did not cease. Analyzing the latent needs of the country, we had the initiative to create a new economy through raw material derived from Cannabis in order to make a contribution to reforms and new policies with various purposeful objectives such as:

  • improving the quality of life of indigenous communities.

  • offer a 100% natural and organic alternative to treat various pathologies.

  • go from illegality to legality generating new opportunities.


Mission: To work and promote the alternative and comprehensive use of Cannabis from research, education and production of cosmetic, medicinal, food and industrial products, as a basis for the development of a sustainable economic model, thereby contributing to the construction of the new proposed law that will regulate Cannabis.


Vision: Sannabis® will be recognized as the pioneer in promoting the new economy based on the integral use of the Cannabis plant.

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