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- Liquid state

- Aromas: sweet, fruity and herbal

- Green color

- Tone: clear and opaque

Note: Vegetable sediments can be observed

COMPOSITION: Almond oil Cannabis sativa flower oil Rosemary extract DESCRIPTION: It is a mixture of pure natural oils, elaborated to provide notable health benefits. Due to its components that allow you to relax, reduce inflammation and relieve muscle pain, it is ideal for relaxing massages. Its composition is designed so that when applying massage, the product penetrates to the deepest layer of the skin (hypodermis), where the bloodstream is located. It works as an aromatherapy product, due to its composition high in terpenes and flavonoids, in turn it nourishes and regenerates the skin, leaving it plump and moisturized. It is for topical use and is made with 100% natural products of the highest quality.

OTHER THERAPEUTIC INDICATIONS: It is ideal for relaxing and / or therapeutic body massage due to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, detoxifying, emollient, antibacterial, nourishing and regenerating properties. It can also be applied after bathing to protect, nourish and moisturize the skin. For cases of muscular ailments, the ideal is to do a treatment with the massage oil and the hot ointment, massaging the affected area, first with the oil for several minutes until the muscles relax and later applying the hot ointment in the same way . For cases of circulatory problems, it is recommended to apply the Body Repair before the oil. DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: Shake the container before use. Apply and spread on the skin, a thin and even layer that allows the hands to slide easily when massaging. Massage gently and constantly, until the muscles relax. After use, it is recommended to rest and not wet or cool the treated area. In case of tearing, apply the product by rubbing gently without massaging and let it rest. CONTRAINDICATIONS: It is contraindicated for people who have an allergic reaction to any of its components.

ADVERSE REACTIONS: No serious adverse reactions have been observed associated with the use of SANNAMANTRA ANTI-STRESS.

PRECAUTIONS AND WARNINGS: It is for topical use. Stop use in case of allergic reaction. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. In both cases immediately consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children. STORAGE: Store in a cool place, between 18 ° and 25 ° temperature, protected from light and moisture.

K´nasport Massage oil

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